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our goals

Our Goals


It is our goal to provide an organised, well resourced day nursery operated by qualified, highly competent staff members, many of whom are bi-lingual and with whom children are easily able to form stable relationships.


Parents fulfil a vital role in each child's learning and development. We seek to quickly establish a partnership with parents encouraging the sharing of their knowledge with our practitioners, so together we can best plan to meet each individual child's needs and interests. We work closely with the SEN adviser from the local authority special educational needs service (SENS), supporting children with differing forms of delay in their learning.


We support families and children through our links with outside agencies including Building Blocks Children's Centre, Speech & Language Therapists, Health Visitors and others.


We provide learning opportunities to promote children's independence and self confidence. The training and teaching of children to learn good social skills through group work, the Nursery's teddy visit when he is taken to children's home and fun activities and games are equally important as learning and maintaining good standards of behavior and manners. We help them learn how to communicate with one another, as well as our staff and to share appropriately.


We provide learning opportunities to promote children's independence and self confidence through a consistent supportive approach from all staff. Children develop good social skills and learn how to manage their own feelings, through group work. Children develop their language and skills in expressing themselves through a wide range of group activities, including the nursery Teddy visiting with them at home, with children then sharing their adventures in a group. We establish clear boundaries according to the children's level of understanding and teach our children the Nursery rules, so they may learn those behaviours expected of them.


Teaching traditional values, satisfying spiritual, emotional, intellectual as well as physical requirements.

Seeking to establish a love of learning, through the active encouragement of every enquiring mind.


Identifying, monitoring and supporting development in all areas of learning. Full assessment, evidence records including observations and photographs for each child are maintained and updated on a regular basis by each child's key worker.


It remains our policy to extend an open invitation to all parents to participate in the nursery experience of their children, including participating in outings and trips, joining our regular visits to our garden area at St Anne's Care Home, joining in with themed activities, family breakfast mornings and much more. Operating an 'Open Door' policy, we believe, provides the strongest of foundations for good communication. Aiming to be thoroughly professional in all our work, we welcome visitors at any time. No appointments necessary.






"All the staff here are wonderful and dedicated and above all very approachable."


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